Monday, November 01, 2004

About (Fuzzy) Animal Farm

What's (Fuzzy) Animal Farm?

Some of you might be thinking that it's some kind of cheap rip-off of George Orwell's satire on the failure of communism: Animal Farm.

While some of you might think it's Disney's Toy Story, slapped with a PG rating.

Yes, it's a little of both (Orwell and Toy Story), but the lead's no faggy Cowboy guy that hops around and does Line Dancing in the manner of American President George Bush.

Instead, we've got Bear Bear, a white Teddy Bear who lives under one roof with his overgrown teenage owner and his partners in crime, who plan to take over the human beings. The stuffed toys are located in Singapore: The squeaky clean first World country with an untidy mixture of both Western and Asian Values.

Never underestimate your stuffed toys.